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Current Issues

Public Libraries Australia will be publishing more issues based and topical publications throughout 2010.

If there are particular topics and issues you would like PLA to explore please contact the PLA Administration Manager:

Roger Henshaw


PLA Publications

Public Libraries Australia has published the following issue based documents during 2009:


Creating a National Public Library Service Delivery Model

PLA considers that a strategically planned and coordinated approach to the future delivery of public library services to the Australian community is required to achieve this outcome. PLA considers that it is imperative that public libraries, their representative associations and government work together to develop a national approach to public library service delivery.

Published 2009 | © Public Libraries Australia


Children, Early Reading and a Literate Australia: The Role of Australian Public Libraries

Helping a child become literate can no longer be thought of as the exclusive responsibility of schools. Families, communities, health, educational and library professionals all have a role to play in ensuring that materials and services to promote the attainment of literacy are available to all children, and that all children are encouraged to use or explore these materials.

Published 2009 |  © Public Libraries Australia

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