Public Libraries Australia (PLA) has been working hard on behalf of all Australian Public Libraries and will continue to do so into the future.


 PLA Participation and Partnerships
  • Libraries Australia Consultative Committee
  • Peak Bodies Forum (National Library of Australia)
  • ERA (PLA Director Geoff Strempel is Deputy Chair of ERA)
  • Public Library Associations Group (A group consisting of representatives from all Australia Public Library associations, including PLNSW – Country and ALIA)
  • Public Libraries Summit
PLA Publications
PLA has recently published two important discussion papers:
PLA partnered with the Queensland Public Libraries Association (QPLA) to develop and run the highly successful Change and Challenge library conference in Townsville from 11-14 October 2009. The conference attracted participants from all over Australia, the USA and New Zealand. Feedback received via the conference evaluation survey rated the overall conference organisation and proceedings as being between ‘Above Average’ and ‘Excellent’. PLA would like to extend its thanks to QPLA Executive, the organising committee, and the PLA Administration Manager for all their efforts in putting together an outstanding conference program and activities; and also for the running of the conference.
PLA Website
PLA has also been redeveloping its web presence during the year. Our new look PLA web site includse many new services for members and some for non-members. Member services include:
  • Blog space
  • Survey and Poll creation tools
  • Calendar of Events (which will feed into a viewable national calendar)
  • Forum facility (for discussion groups etc)
  • A Document Library – for uploading and sharing documents (anything from business papers, conference papers, media releases, plans, expressions of interest, position descriptions, brochures etc) this facility will for the first time offer members their own online library.
Our Plans
In the next year PLA will be:
·      Redeveloping its business model of operation and governance
·      Reviewing its membership fee model – to make it more affordable
·      Developing some practical support strategies for public libraries – particularly remote libraries
·      Working closely with all state public library associations and ALIA to better represent public libraries and their staff
·      Seeking member and non-member feedback on what they’d like to see PLA provide and focus on in the future (next 2 to 3 years)
·      Updating our Strategic Plan
And much, much more
PLA will also be fine tuning and promoting this new website; and endeavouring to get ALL public libraries to join the website.
PLA would like to hear from you! Give us your fedback and tell us about your successes, issues, and activities via this website or by emailing the PLA Administration Manager Roger Henshaw: