LIANZA Conference 2014

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Auckland, New Zealand

12-15 October, 2014 |Auckland, New Zealand

LIANZA Conference 2014

Pou Whakairo –  Connect and Thrive

Me hoki whakamuri, kia haere whakamua

Look into the past to view the future

A pou whakairo is a high quality wood, shaped into a post and elaborately decorated by a master carver to portray the stories of the past and present for people to connect with the future.

As a nation, we connect with our past to help shape and develop a thriving future. As library and information specialists we bring different perspectives and skills to connect with each other, our communities, our environment and changing technologies in order to understand and evolve into the future.

LIANZA invites you to attend the LIANZA Conference 2014 held at the SkyCity Convention Centre in Auckland, New Zealand from the 12-15 October 2014.

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