PLA eConnect

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 This easy to use, web-based tool will help you engage your members like never before by helping you to create and track your personalized interactive e-mail newsletters and campaigns. PLA eConnect has been developed, and is set to become an industry leader in providing simple and effective eMarketing solutions for Public Libraries Australia.

PLA e-Connect is all about what we call ‘SMARKETING’ or Smarter Marketing. Developed with an understanding of operating environments where library budgets are under pressure and there is an ever increasing demand on the time of both our library staff and library users; we realize that communication messages must be targeted, easily accessible and the results monitored closely to ensure relevance.

PLA e-Connect will enable you to:

  • Create attractive and professional eMailouts (i.e. e-mail newsletters) in just a few moments
  • Embed Surveys in your eMailouts to gather feedback and information from library users, in order to ensure your services remain relevant and match the needs of your clients
  • Instantly measure the success of your eMailouts by pulling simple reports which will tell you how many of your eMailouts were received, opened and potentially even which sections were read and were of interest to the recipients
  • Manage all your subscriber contact data in one central place, and give you the ability to group and segment your subscribers lists however you want (i.e. Age, Suburb, Interests etc)
  • Send an eMailout to your entire subscriber list (or to a predetermined group) at the click of a button
  • Schedule your eMailout, or a series of eMailouts, at a set time and date(s) in the future
  • And over time you will be able to build up a profile of each and every single subscriber, therefore giving you the ability to build campaigns that are targeted and speak to the wants and needs of specific library members (i.e. e-Book Users, Sci-Fi Fans, Gardening Aficionados etc.)

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Subscribers to the PLA eConnect tool will receive the benefit of both discounted setup costs and discounted monthly subscriber fees. In addition to these discounts, a percentage of all setup costs and subscriber fees will be pooled to create funding for a range of project and program based grants. As the pooled funds grow to a meaningful level we will invite libraries across Australia to apply for funding grants to support their chosen project, program or activity.

If you have a PLA eConnect account, click here to login